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David Vittoria, LCSW, MCAP

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Certified Addictions Professional

American Society of Addiction Medicine

David Vittoria is a nationally-recognized addiction expert who has helped hundreds of clients recover from the disease of addiction
for over 30 years.

Addiction is a disease.
Not a disgrace.

People who suffer from addiction are not bad people that need to get good, they are sick people who need to get well. In a person who is suffering from addiction, the natural reward circuits get hijacked, while the need to use the drug strongly persists.

The changes that occur include interfering with the brain’s natural chemical systems and over-stimulating the “reward pathway” of the brain. Once this happens, the substance activates the same circuits linked to survival, driving powerful urges no different from those driving the need to eat or drink water.  

Proper treatment for substance use disorders requires an evidence-based approach delivered by an experienced and caring professional who understands the disease of addiction. Someone trained in the guiding principles of addiction medicine who can instill hope and help you restore your physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

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Professional Services

David Vittoria offers a comprehensive array of evaluation, counseling, monitoring and follow-up services for individuals, couples and families.

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